Winnie Detwa, (v/b)logger with the inability to be tamed!

When I heard Winnie D had taken her hijab off, I was so sad. I didn’t judge her personally, but I knew the impact that she has on so many young girls and ladies out there. I even posted on her blog.. time passed, She was coming to Orange County for Fashion Fighting Famine show along with many more celebrities in this business. I contacted few of them.. I really wanted to have a shoot with them! I was always in love with Winnie’s style.. She has that touch, you know. I totally didn’t expect her to even respond to my email. I was not sure if she remembers my post on her hijab, since so many people commented, and I am sure she is not keeping track of anyone! Anyways! She responded, she planned a meet up with me! and we did a mini shoot.. There were lots of girls waiting for her, but she gave me her time when I asked her I need her help! she helped me genuinely, no strings attached, with modesty and with love! it was right then after that shoot that I realized how glad I am that girls know her and follow her footsteps. she is a role model to thousands, and she is a great role model. she is what a muslimah should be. Winnie, I pray for your health, life and iman, for this dunya and hearafter. you taught me a great lesson. You are amazing inside and out. I can not wait to meet you again {wipes tears away} – May Allah shower you with blessings my lovely sister.




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