Sisterhood Fashion Photoshoot

We all need friends! I know having cyber friends is not as awesome as having face to face friends, but what can we do? it is the world of technology and I would be surprise if someone tells me they have no cyber friends! Well I do, lots of them. and in my travels I have contacted some of them and got to see their beautiful faces too. Some of them are so dear to me. I feel like I have known them forever or I have actually met them. With all that said, nothing is like a real friend you can meet everyday, someone you can call a sister, I dont have a sister, so when I call someone that, I mean it with all my heart. I have had friends that took my hand and got me out of the messes I been in or boosted my confidence and spirit. It is amazing what a friend can do. I can not give names here but you know who you are. Each and everyone of you.. Bless your hearts.

I have started working with a wonderful new Magazine called Hayati. This magazine surrounds the Muslimah’s (muslim girl) deep faith and covers fashion, beauty, health, living and charity. It is not hidden from a lot of you that I have been trying to get into Islamic fashion photography. I have some news for you. it is SUPER hard! I am a Muslim girl myself, but I had no idea it can be so hard. My first attempt to islamic fashion photography was a FAIL! The pictures turned out Great, and was OK by the magazine to be used, but they were nowhere near fashion! they turned out lifestyle, a day to day fashion images. I have a loooong way in this road!

Hayati’s December issue is out. check it out here  ( this link works on desktops, not in ipads or iphones. to see December issue on your smart devices, check out the website and get the right link.)

and here are few of the images from the shoot that I really like. Thanks to two wonderful sisters Leila and Ayesha who helped me out in styling and posing for the “sisterhood” images.


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