Orange County on Instagram!

Question: When does a woman can not blog? Answer: When she has a huge belly and can not sit infront of a table or have her laptop on her lap!

Good news is, it is over! I really thought it will never end! Although was my second baby, but it felt like it will last forever! The good part was that I got to relax and wait for baby to come in Orange County,Ca in last couple of months. Can I just say how beautiful it is here? I am so in love and here is where you can see I am a nature girl. I need my fresh air, green trees and Rain once in a while for goodness sake?!

It is almost time for me to go back to Dubai (OUCH), before going I thought I blog some photos I took here in beautiful California. Now you all have to apologize the quality since they have all been captured by Iphone. there was no way I could have hold the camera over my big belly! Not to mention they are all Instagram edited. Love this app 🙂 Can not wait to come back here and start my business on a new level.

I will blog a special post just for my littlest new man that have lighten our lives in a special new way 🙂



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